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Annals of Internal Medicine Public Access

One of the most widely cited journals in medicine, Annals gives free access to many articles at as part of its commitment to readers and authors.

View the Annals public access policy here.


If you would like to submit a Comment in response to an article that appears in Annals, go to the article on which you wish to comment. Then click on the Comment area along the left side and follow the instructions. Note: Access may be obtained if the article is free, the reader is a subscriber/member, the reader is accessing the article via an institutional subscription, or the person purchased pay per view access.

Annals will post all Comments within 24 to 72 hours of receipt unless they contain profanity, offensive language, personal attacks, or statements viewed as abusive or libelous. Editors review all posted comments about an article one month after its publication and select some for publication in the Letters section of the print journal. Comments can be submitted at any time after publication, but only those submitted within four weeks of an article’s publication will be considered for print.

Other Services

List Rental

The subscription list for Annals is available for rent, subject to approval of how the list will be used. Subscribers may ask to have their names withheld from such rentals by e-mailing Customer Service. Detailed information about list segmentation, costs, and approved uses may be obtained from Medical Marketing Service, Inc., telephone: 800-MED-LIST.

Missing Issues Claims/Single-Copy Sales

Issues are retained for 1 year only. Replacement copies, if available, are replaced for subscribers free of charge if notification is received within 3 months, provided that inventory is available. Claims placed after the 3-month period, or single-copy sales to non-subscribers, must be prepaid. Contact Customer Service to place your claim.

Photocopying and Classroom Use

Individuals may make single photocopies of Annals pages for personal use only. For any other ire-use, please click on the Get Permission link above the article title of the content you wish to re-use, or go to the Copyright Clearance Center website at Annals is registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, Inc., 222 Rosewood Drive, Danvers, MA 01923 (phone, +1-978-750-8400; fax, +1-978-646-8600; email:


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